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More photos af outstanding quilts 
To be honest I've not spent too much time visiting the exhibition of quilts. I normally take in the details extensively and work through methodically.
I will have an opportunity later today.
These are some of the photos I took yesterday at the Houston Quilt Show.
I was asked to look for new ideas at Market.

I was most impressed by this light. Its long and thin and is quite unobtrusive, it basically sits above your machine.
It has a bank of LED lights which gives you very good lighting on your machine.
There are two lights here, and I guess the photo doesn't show the thin one just above the machine to its best advantage, but I'm impressed and I want three for my studio

The images below are from Alexander Henry. I love the fabrics and of course the ideas for the grandies.
They come up with the most interesting ideas each year.
These are a collection from the RJR - Artists Collection.
I have so many images to share with you I almost don't know where to begin.
You sent me a number or request on FB and I will endeavor to answer them all over the next week.
Walking into the event today is just wonderful, never lost for words I still find it hard to express the feeling.
I'm doing some daily videos for the Quilt Show and I will tell you all when they are up there and you can walk amongst the quilts with me.
When you walk into the stadium.... this is the sight that greets you, four stories of quilts or so it seems just breathtaking People were just standing under them and looking up in awe.
Red and white provokes such emotion in a quilt and it's fitting that it features as the Ruby Jubilee celebrating 40 years.
Miss Rose, Sister Violet,  a booth from my home town always captures the romantic spirit. Tilly loves this booth and I have bought her clothes from here previously.
Romantic, wistful and just a sheer suitcase of gloriousness.
Cotton and Steel, young edgy and innovative. These are a  young brigade of designers serving the Modern Quilting Genre under the RJR banner. I really like some of their ideas and inevitably it works well for the garment and home decoration industry as well as quilting.
Maybe its because I was bought up in the 50's and 60's that I like the simplicity of the designs in the Modern Quilting Genre. There are so many young designers, I'm wondering how the industry will pan out for them.
Will they still be around in five years, what does the future bring. However, in the mean time I love their work.
Michael Miller always captures my imagination and this year they are featuring a strong Mexican theme. In fact, there are quite a few 'Ethnic' based themes in the fabrics on offer from top designers and distributors.
Before I begin... almost all of my photos are taken with the idea of creating Textile Art.
I guess it doesn't hurt to have a goal in life, Considering I have some 100,000 photos I'm going to be busy for a long time.
When I photograph the buildings I want to create illustrations and  in Rome, I loved the textures and colors of the buildings. 
I love the sun, the rain and the light on the cobblestones and shadows.

In all I took over 2000 photos, I edit them, but keep most of them.
Of course I enjoy capturing people too.
It's rather embarrassing for my friends traveling with me  because I snap people from all angles, BUT, I don't let them subjects see me.

I capture images in a series to tell a story.traveling
Yesterday I took my little point and shoot camera and made this video for my friends and family.
It's not fancy,just little snippets and my thoughts as I walk, but it gives you an idea of the beauty of the city of Strasbourg.

A cameo.
I made this little video the other day using my IPhone but the internet was difficult at my little hotel and I coudln't up load it
I had a day before I had to teach and I went in search of the town my class was in.

It took me three hours, and I decided to capture the adventure for fun.
Ultimately, class was great and I enjoyed the company of the students, we had a lot of fun. It was held in sort of the town hall and we had a lot of space.
I actually walked 7 miles that day.
About half of the students joined me for lunch and it was so nice to share experiences over a delicious french meal.
Mine host was hilarious and really passionate about her restaurant and her food, she almost watch us put the food in our mouth.

PictureArtist, Christine Peyret-Gaudinot - France
To celebrate its 20 year existence the EPM organized a wonderful retrospective exhibition of artists who have participated in the event in the past. Each artist presented a quilt from the past and their new work. There were around 180 quilts on show. I photographed probably half of them. 
There was something for everyones taste. 
The ones I share are my favorites and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to see them up close.

This is the art of Lia Fleming - Belgium. These are sculptural pieces hanging from the ceiling of the venue.

Blow is the art of Christine Peyret-Gaudinot. France.
I was also fascinated by this work by Liz Maidment.France/UK
Created by Anco Brouwers - Pays-Bas (NL)
I believe this quilt was made by a number of artists, but I couldn't read the French description.

The days have  been very full.

I taught all day on Thursday and the students were very enthusiastic. Its different working with an interpreter However, we worked well together and the students responded positively.
We had two large rooms to work in and everyone achieved a small quilt.
We had a wonderful lunch served by a very vivacious restaurant owner who hawked her new menu's for the next few days to the entire assembled group. She spoke so passionately about her food it was a joy to watch.
These images are some of the class images and the view from the window.
I had a wonderful time.
These are images of class, the interesting things in the room and I love the lattice fence outside.

A few images from the Iryna Fomina exhibition

This exhibition was held in a church nearby and I wandered in late in the day. Her work is very interesting and I enjoy the perspective of others in this tradition of Textile art.
The day finished in a fun fashion with friends and frog pie.

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